There is more to fire safety than simply fulfilling regulations. The reassurance and confidence that your systems work and that, should a fire occur, the alarm will help save lives is priceless. As a diligent, experienced and qualified electrical contractor our engineering teams ensure that your fire alarm systems are expertly installed properly and maintained regularly.

Working to the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations and the British Standard (BS 5839:2002+A2:2008) requirements you can rest assured that your staff could not be safer.

Installation, maintenance and regular fire safety testing is your responsibility

In addition to our ‘competent person’ expert installation and regular testing schedule, we will help you to set up and maintain and monitor a ‘weekly user test’ plan. These regular fire alarm tests help to demonstrate that employers have fulfilled their own fire risk assessments and precautions responsibilities.

To comply with the British Standard, our tests should be carried out at least every six months, and include:

  • Ensuring all log book recommendations have been completed
  • Carrying out a visual inspection of all elements of the fire alarm system
  • Checking the operation of all Sounders
  • Testing and inspecting standby batteries
  • Verifying the output functions of the control panel
  • Inspecting all controls and visual indicators to ensure they are energised
  • Production of the Certificate of Inspection by a ‘competent person’

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