Casio has come up with an innovative solution to the problem of LED projectors not being bright enough. The new Green Slim range manages to hit 2,000 lumens by using a combination of LEDs, a phosphor and laser lights. This not only makes for cool, quiet and slim projectors, but is much more environmentally friendly than traditional lamps which have mercury in them.

According to Casio, “this groundbreaking innovation achieves high green light output by efficiently converting blue laser light into green light using the phosphor — a stumbling block with previous conventional semiconductor light sources. The high-brightness light of 2,000 or more ANSI lumens is achieved by projecting blue laser light, green light converted from blue laser light with the phosphor, and light emitted by a red LED through a DLP chip onto the screen.”

The range comprises of nine models with four having a 1,280×800 resolution (enough for 720p playback) and five having a 1,024×768 resolution. The devices themselves have a footprint no larger than a piece of A4 paper, and are as slim as 43mm tall, weighing 2.3kg.

Their light sources are said to last over 20,000 hours – just like other LED-based projectors, so running costs are significantly reduced compared to traditional high-pressure lamps. Warm-up times of around eight seconds and wide-angle 2x zoom lenses make the projectors ideal for meeting rooms where short throw lengths and fast operation are needed.