Choosing the right technology always depends on what you are looking to achieve. If it is clear, crisp, high definition clarity from a widescreen that is slimmer than a picture frame; you will want to investigate plasma or LCD flat screen TVs. With so many brands, innovations and rapidly advancing technology available, however, the choice might not be an easy one.

Our audio visual experts do more than simply install the choice you made from an internet search. We will listen to your requirements and then use all of our experience, inside information, specialist product knowledge, geeky enthusiasm and professional diligence to suggest the right solution.

What are the differences between plasma and LCD?

  • LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display: a network of hundreds of thousands of tiny LCD pixels sit behind the TV screen, in front of a fluorescent white backlight. When the light hits each individual pixel, an electric current determines its colour and the millions of tiny light variations create the image you see on your TV.
  • Plasma screens: are made of two sheets of glass separated by thousands of tiny chambers, each filled with xenon and neon (plasma) gas. Red, blue and green phosphors sit behind the chambers, emitting UV light when electricity hits the chamber gases and creating a world of super-sharp, multicoloured moving images.

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