Samsung has teamed up with 3LCD to create the worlds’ first three-panel LED-lit projector capable of outputting 1,000 lumens of light.

Due to launch some time this summer, the Samsung F10M brings 3LCD’s triple-panel technology – which the company claims provides truer colour tones and protection against “the rainbow effect” that can be caused by traditional spinning colour wheels – to Samsung’s LED-based projector platform, and the specifications are certainly impressive enough.

The Samsung F10M is able to output 1,000 lumens of light, which should make it suitable for use in brighter environments such as offices and classrooms without causing the image to appear washed-out. The use of LED lighting also provides energy efficiency benefits and, the company claims, an average light lifespan of over 30,000 hours.

The F10M is set to feature both VGA PC input and at least one HDMI socket, although the company hasn’t yet confirmed whether the HDCP DRM technology – required to play back commercial HD content such as Blu-ray discs at their native resolution – will be fully supported. Sadly, the projector itself is XGA resolution – a far cry from the 1080p supported by the HDMI input.

Samsung’s senior product marketing manager Tom Grau claims that the partnership with 3LCD “[ensures that] the F10M provides customers with an incredibly bright and energy efficient projector, and when paired with an LED light source, even more amazing colour and image quality.”

So far no firm UK launch date or expected pricing information has been provided by Samsung.