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Audio visual equipment suppliers

Here at Audio Visual & Electrical Services in Chatteris, we specialise in the supply and installation of a variety of audio visual systems. To enquire, contact our team today. We work across the region.

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Digital signage systems

Still pictures are no longer as effective when it comes to capturing an audience’s attention, converting more sales, delivering an impactful message or simply giving people directions. Digital signage and video display systems have become the standard for most advertising and audience communications – the difference comes from knowing how to use them.

Turning a standard solution into one that delivers more means knowing the technology and understanding exactly what products are available, what they can do and how to maximise their features. The added value comes through product specification, content creation, campaign management and expert installation.

Depending on your requirements, our digital experts will help you select the right solutions and equipment (and thereby access great deals from all the leading brands). We will then support you to develop content, manage your campaigns and create the perfect digital sign system to boost your sales or improve communications. Our options are ideal for:


  • Education institutions: Schools, colleges, libraries and other training facilities

  • Retail outlets: Stores, shopping centres

  • Commercial and industrial premises: Offices, call centres, factories, workshops

Interactive screens

Interactive screens are now commonplace in most UK schools and educational institutions up and down the country. The real key to maximising the educational benefits of these advanced learning aids, however, is understanding the best way to use them.

From choosing the right product to designing the installation and educating your users, it is the attention to detail that makes the difference. Our specialist educational technology teams continue to support hundreds of learning organisations with ongoing information, maintenance and support – far beyond the scope of an initial installation.

Our service encompasses the biggest brands combined with decades of expertise and a commitment to promoting education. In many ways, interactive whiteboards are the core of our business and the reason the company started. That is why we’ve partnered with the leading brands, such as SMART™ Technologies and Promethean UK, to bring you the very best products with a service that gives you access to all that they have to offer.

Computer Office Work

Professional IT suites

Creating the ideal, modern teaching and study environment requires more than simply supplying the equipment. To maximise the experience, the benefit and the opportunity, you need to understand your requirements and how the technology can help you achieve them. Then we can design the perfect IT suite for your organisation.


Our service accounts for:


  • A fully networked environment

  • Superfast broadband

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

  • Multiple, connected PCs

  • Ceiling data projectors

  • Digital scanners

  • Multifunctioning printers

  • Interactive screens

  • Sound equipment

  • Desks, tables and other associated furniture

Advanced media rooms

For many of our customers, their media room has become the favourite room in the building. From a data projector and sound setup in a converted office, boardroom or school hall to a full blown mini-cinema with all the latest wizardry, gadgetry and stunning surround sound technology – we make media come to life.

Whatever your requirements or budget, our experts will help you select the right equipment – all sourced from quality suppliers - and design the ideal installation.

If your new, or upgraded, media room is still just an idea, why not get one of our installation engineers to survey the site and give you the benefit of their expert opinion – free of charge?

What kind of equipment can we incorporate?


  • Flat screen TVs: OLED, QLED, QNED (all screen sizes available)

  • Superfast broadband as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

  • Data projectors and interactive screens

  • State-of-the-art sound equipment

  • Speakers and microphones

  • Digital recording equipment

  • Professional conference call equipment

  • Media room furniture

Virtual Meeting
Large Television

LED screens

Choosing the right technology always depends on what you’re looking to achieve. If it is clear, crisp, high definition clarity from a widescreen that is slimmer than a picture frame, you’ll want to consider LED flat screen TVs. With so many brands and innovations and so much rapidly advancing technology available, however, the choice might not be an easy one.

Our audio visual experts do more than simply install the choice you made from an internet search. We will listen to your requirements and then use all of our experience, inside information, specialist product knowledge, geeky enthusiasm and professional diligence to suggest the right solution.

What are the differences between OLED and LED?


  • OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. The main way in which OLED technology differs from what you would find in a more conventional LED/LCD monitor is that each pixel can autonomously emit light. This is because all pixels are linked to the electroluminescent layer, or the emission of light.

Data projectors

Today’s data projectors can range in price from hundreds of pounds to thousands, and the specifications can be just as wide a choice. As with all technology, the one that is right for your organisation depends on your requirements, budget and usage.

With decades of experience - and having watched this technology evolve from overhead projector screens to the latest generation of interactive digital displays - we know the market inside out. Whatever your needs - whether you run a large corporate, a small local business, a church, an education centre, a pub, club or local society - our expertise and market knowledge will help you choose intelligently.

Choosing the right projector and accessories is only part of the solution though. Professional advice on positioning, lighting and sound, along with practical installation and setup expertise, will ensure that your presentations always give the best impression and amplify the power of your message.

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CCTV and video surveillance

Security is an ever-present issue for both commercial enterprises and local authority funded organisations. The advancements in video surveillance technology, particularly with leading brands like Aver, mean that highly effective solutions are available to meet most budgets.

As an approved supplier and installer of the full range of Aver video surveillance products, our experts will help find a bespoke solution for your needs. Nothing can match the peace of mind and deterrence provided by 24/7 state-of-the-art video surveillance with easy playback and digitally recorded and securely stored footage. Our supply and installation service covers:

  • 2MP and 3MP bulletproof and vandal-proof dome cameras

  • All weather conditions

  • Multi-directional, remote and roaming control

  • Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), motion detection, facial recognition

  • Recording to hard drive and/or to the cloud capability

  • High specification cameras and IT equipment

  • Niche installation and system design expertise

  • Expert maintenance, advice and ongoing support

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